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Written and recorded in April 2014, SENT BY CHANCE is an album of gentle, largely improvised piano pieces - one for each "white-note" key on the instrument - composed and performed by Rob Northcott.


3 of these tracks - 'Wetlands', 'Hovering' and 'Sorcery' - are now published by Audio Network and can be purchased or licensed here.  The remaining tracks are published by Reliable Source Music and can be licensed here.

GALAXY ON GLASS was conceived in collaboration with deep space photographer Chris Baker.  Chris' beautiful images of 'deep sky objects' - those outside our own solar system - are on display in a number of UK art galleries and provided the inspiration for this ambient musical piece .  The music is played in the galleries themselves as part of an installation and can also be enjoyed in this standalone album format.


Available for download from Bandcamp, GALAXY ON GLASS is essentially a singular piece but with four distinct sections that melt one into another - each 'track' takes it's title from the photo that inspired it, and these images can be seen by clicking on the individual track link.


The music, alongside the art, has also been enjoyed live this summer by attendees of Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace and New Scientist Live at the ExCel, London.

Album Credits:

Music composed and produced by Rob Northcott

Inspired by the deep space art of Chris Baker

Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe.


Do visit Chris' website and social media to see and learn more about his remarkable work:





ORCHESTRAL WHIMSY was composed by Rob for publisher Audio Network, who released the album in May, 2017.


With Rob conducting, the music was recorded by the talented English Session Orchestra in the iconic Studio 2 at Abbey Road.  This album is fun, light and guaranteed to put a major-key smile on anyone's face!


Listen in the player on the left, or for licensing / purchase please visit Audio Network's website directly by clicking here.


Rob has already written his next orchestral album for Audio Network and will be back recording at Abbey Road Studios summer 2017!